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Let’s jog your memory real quick. “The Fappening” is a term used to refer to a huge leak that happened on 31/08/2014. We got to see lots and lots of sexts and other risqué pictures featuring top-tier celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande. TheFappening photos spread like a wildfire after first being posted on 4Chan and Reddit. Within a couple of hours, this Fappening debacle was the only thing people were talking about.

After the first major leak, there were two more. Every leak that happened after that is 100% unrelated to the original hackers and whatnot, but people still refer to them as “Fappening” content. So, in other words, the Fappening blog here doesn’t shy away from posting leaked pictures that are 100% new. For example, we got this collection of the Fappening 2019 pictures that are guaranteed to get you all hard in a matter of seconds.

Stay tuned and you'll get the hottest pics of nude celebrities. But we can't promise the daily basis

As you all understand, huge leaks like the original Celebgate can’t occur on daily, weekly or bi-monthly basis, so this Fappening blog doesn’t focus exclusively on the leaked/hacked content. What we do instead is focus on various kinds of erotic pictures focus semi-naked and totally nude celebrities. We got sex scenes from various movies and TV shows, we got paparazzi pictures, bikini pics from the beach, promotional photoshoots, you just name it.

There are new nude celebs galleries coming in every single day, we got an extremely tight update schedule and we don’t ever slip up. Seriously, you’re going to get the hottest celebrity erotica that the world has to offer delivered straight to your screen, be it desktop or mobile. Did we already mention that our blog looks AWESOME on mobile? Yeah, looking at top nude celebs on the go has never been easier.

One more thing that puts us head and shoulders above all the other nude celebs sites: no ads. We don’t want to ruin your experience and that’s why this neat little blog is NOT riddled with countless ads and annoying-as-fuck pop-ups. We want you to have the purest experience imaginable with no distractions or major hindrances.

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